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Miami fans at the AAA mourn the Heat loss, Chicago tourists are looking forward to watching him play for the Chicago Bulls. a good guy. He from Chicago, go Westside. We can wait to have him there, said Luther Samuel, who was visiting Miami from Chicago. gonna do a great job.

He gonna bring us a championship. Just like LeBron did when he went back to Cleveland, his hometown, Dwyane gonna do that for Chicago. visitor Janet Samuel said she will welcome Wade with open


cheap nfl jerseys arms. absolutely. We glad to have him back, she said. was once Wade city and home, but it now all a distant memory for Number 3.

    Now, Wade County will cease to exist. did what was best for him, said one fan. made a wise decision. fan Ana Vasquez understands why Wade would want to return to Chicago. happy for him. I mean, he always wanted to play over there, she said. his dream, so I just supporting him, and I pretty sure he be back. to Heat officials, all Dwyane Wade merchandise will be sold for only $13 at all

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